Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stage Fright

Ink, Acrylic, Chalk

What started out as a simple piece about theft, turned me into that experimental artist living inside of me. It may not be much visually but for me the thought is there.

Since narrative is such a strong focus in illustration- the part of me that wants to make it incredibly abstract is usually taken out of the picture. In fact, it only really shows up when I'm working in my sketchbook. If you look back and some of my personal work like Hugo or Son, you can see what I mean.

I had originally planned for this piece to be about the fear or anxiety before committing a crime. I'm a bit fascinated about criminal psychology. For example, how certain criminals can rob the same place or store over and over again. I guess we are creatures of habit. Even when it comes to somethings as extreme as stealing or holding someone and gun point.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


For a better quality image of this, check it out on my website: Southwest

Hey everybody, here's a new illustration I just recently finished. Hope you like it! There wasn't much of a concept behind it. It may even be cliche but I don't care. I had fun. Time flies when you're having fun! Also, below are the color studies I played around with before I started to paint the line-work. Most of the time, I usually jump in head first and fool around with colors- like I did for If and When- but for this I wanted the color palette to be really simple. I figured I would test it out in photoshop first. You know, dip my toes in, if we're going to keep up the water analogy. And hey! The picture has water in it! Coincidence?! Yeah, it was.
I'm heading back to Connecticut for the weekend to see the family and hang out with my sisters which ought to be fun too. Fun flies when you're having fun! Okay. Up next I'm going to start a series I'm working on with a few friends. So more info on that when it starts to manifest itself. Talk to you guys later.