Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motif | Thought Processor NYC

Hey everybody, The Thought Processor was really cool. A bunch of cool looking people showed up. I wasn't there for long- just passing through. It's still up so if you have the chance you should check it out.

I did this piece for the show. It's untitled there but I've since named it Motif. Sorry for the confusion. Hope you like it. Some of you may have already seen it and if that's the case... look at it again! It's 18 x 24 and done in Ink and Watercolor. All of that aging or... I guess just damage, is actually on the paper. I've played around with watercolor washes over some smaller pieces but never with some as big as this. When it started to happen- you could say I went into a bit of a panic but I later decided to embrace it and push it even further. Fortunately, the results came out looking pretty interesting.

Anyway, I'm trying to keep busy. I'll keep you posted with anything I'm up to. More coming soon.

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