Monday, February 1, 2010


In Tomer's class, we were assigned to pick any topic of our choosing and illustrate four images surrounding it. Though at first going crazy with the infinite amount of possible ideas, I finally decided to go with my gut reaction and concentrate on the Man-Eating Tigers in the Kumaon district in India. On top of that, following Jim Corbett, a colonel in the British Indian Army known for killing a bunch of those big cats in the early 1900's. That's one heck of a gut reaction...

Anyway, I've pushed myself to up the ante and do these four on 18 x 24 paper- which is a pretty big feat for me since I tend to caught up in the details. Here's the first or four:linework (ink)
I opted to color it much more simply than other pieces I've done. Since the drawing is good enough on it's own, I didn't want the coloring to make it too busy.
color (digital)
Also, something really cool: I was playing around with color palettes and narrowed it down to two. One being the red/grey palette I chose as the final, and a blue/orange combo. I was switching back and forth between the two when, just for the hell of it, I switched back and forth faster and faster. One thing lead to another and I made the GIF below. It gives it that awesome stereograph, 3D feel to it but the line work isn't actually moving at all. Pri-tty cooooool.
Hope you guys like it. The other three will be posted in the upcoming weeks! Talk to you later...

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emily garrett said...

i looooove the gif, that's hot!